Albert and Ruby Tucker Family

Albert Eugene Tucker was born 17 Jun 1880 in Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire. He married Ruby Hazel McLaughlin who was born 20 May 1895 in Hartland, Windsor, Vermont 2 Mar 1920 in Stockbridge, Windsor, Vermont. Ruby and Albert had eight children, seven of them surviving until adulthood.

One son, Eugene Iva Tucker died in 1943 in Tunsia, North Africa. Another son, Earle Irving Tucker died in an automobile accident while serving in the Army.

Their children in birth order are:

  1. Arthur Elroy Tucker b: 29 Apr 1914 in Gaysville, Windsor, Vermont
  2. Male Child Tucker b: 17 May 1915 (Stillborn)
  3. Marjorie Phyllis Tucker b: 23 Jan 1917 in Stockbridge, Windsor, Vermont
  4. Edgar Theodore Tucker b: 4 Apr 1920 in Stockbridge, Windsor, Vermont
  5. Eugene Iva Tucker b: 20 Jul 1922 in , Windsor, Vermont
  6. Earle Irving Tucker b: 6 Aug 1924 in Woodstock, Windsor, Vermont
  7. Lloyd Sharpe Tucker b: 6 Nov 1926 in Woodstock, Windsor, Vermont
  8. Fred Orin Tucker b: 23 Oct 1928 in Woodstock, Windsor, Vermont

I recently received these photos from my cousin, Heidi Tucker. They were probably at one time all in the possession of my grandmother, Ruby Hazel McLaughlin Tucker.

They are in no particular order. Captions are on the photos themselves.