Geary or Gary Family Genealogy - Peter Gary Family Genealogy

The main focus of this site is the Geary or Gary family genealogy and the many descendants of Peter Gary, a Revolutionary War soldier from Somerset County, Pennsylvania through both his sons and daughters. It also includes the family genealogy of those people who married in to the Jonathan Gary line - the Moose family, also from Somerset County, Pennsylvania and the Shields family from Ireland and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The database is quite large and contains 12,000+ individuals. Some of the lines are well documented, others are not. Depending on the particular family, the name has been spelled Geary, Gary or Garey. Differences in spelling occur within the same family group.

Our research first started with Peter Gary's son Jonathan and his line of descent down to my husband, James Jewel Geary. We later became involved with an active group of researchers working on each of Peter's children and their lines. The Geary or Gary Family Genealogy database is a result of that research. Much of the information and documentation has been copied and sent to the Somerset County Historical Society in Pennsylvania for their files. While this information was originally in two separate databases, I have combined it into one for ease of use. The documentation has been included where available. If you have documentation for any of the "undocumented lines" that you would be willing to share, please contact pat (at) or use this form.

"Genealogy is the study and tracing of family pedigrees. This involves collecting the names of relatives, both living and deceased, and establishing the relationships between them based on primary, secondary and/or circumstantial evidence or documentation, thus building up a cohesive family tree. Genealogy is sometimes also referred to as family history, although sometimes these terms are used distinctly: the former being the basic study of who is related to whom; the latter involving more "fleshing out" of the life histories of the individuals involved." - From "genealogy." Wikipedia. Wikipedia, 2005. GuruNet Corp. 22 Jul. 2005.

The Geary or Gary Family - Peter and his Descendants

The Moose Family - Josiah and His Descendants

The Shields Family - Matthew and His Descendants