Phillips Family History and Genealogy

Solomon Phillips, Revolutionary War Soldier

Solomon Phillips was born circa 1760. What little we know of him comes from his Revolutionary War pension file. According to his statement of 21 Aug 1818 when he first applied for his pension, he enlisted in 1776 for a period of one year. He enlisted in the town of Uxbridge, Massachusetts in the company commanded by Capt. Moses Knapp ­ Col Reeds Regiment, Massachusetts Line. He indicated he was at the Battle of Long Island and at the capture of the prisoners at Trenton and was discharged at Trenton in New Jersey. He had lost his discharge papers.

Solomon's statement was later amended to read that he had enlisted in 1775 and entered the service on the first day of January 1776. He states that he was discharged about one week after the capture of the prisoners at Trenton. The Battle of Trenton was Dec 26, 1776. Solomon would have been about sixteen years old when he served in the War. At the time he applied for his pension he indicates "he was in reduced circumstances and stands in need of the assistance of his country for support."

On 7 Jun 1821 Solomon further states that "he was by occupation a blacksmith, but on account of his eyesight, for the last three years has been obliged to leave that occupation and has pursued that of farming ­ that on account of a swelling in one of his legs, he has not this season been able to labour much, that he has in his family a wife aged 44 years, and nine children ­ David aged 22 years, Susan 20 years of feeble health, much of the time under the care of physicians and unable to labour but very little, Solomon 18 years, Willson 14 years, William 12 years, Myron 10 years, Sophia 8 years, Joseph 3 years and Cynthia 2 years." Solomon would have been 61 years old. He was awarded ninety six dollars per year.

Susanna Phillips applied for her husband's pension after his death and gives a detailed statement of their life together.

"I Susanna Phillips of Starksborough in the County of Addison & State of Vermont being Seventy one years old the 13th day of September AD 1848 being duly Sworn do depose testify and say that I was the daughter of Benjamin Willson late of the town of Swanzey in the county of Cheshire and State of New Hampshire & Sister of William Willson of New Haven in the County of Addison & State of Vermont. My father Benjamin Willson lived in the town Winchester in Said Cheshire County in AD 1777 when I was born on the 13th day of September of said year 1777 & when I was about two years old my father moved with his family to the said town of Swanzy a distance of about Eighty miles where in said Swanzy my said father lived & deceased about twenty years ago. I lived at home with my said father in said Swanzy until I was duly married to Solomon Phillips then of Said Swanzy on the 12th day of July AD1798 by Colvin Frink Esq. then a Justice of the peace in Said Swanzy who was duly authorized to & did Solomenize in said county of Cheshire. I lived with my said Husband Solomon Phillips in said Swanzy in a house on my said fathers farm from the time of our said marriage until AD1800 when my said Husband & myself & our family then consisting of my said husband myself & our son David Phillips and moved into the said town of Winchester & lived in the same house with my said brother William Willson until some time in November AD 1800 when my Said Brothers first wife deceased while we lived in said house with my said Brother William. my said Husband & my said Brother William worked together at the Sythe & Hoe making business they both being sythe & Hoe makers at which last time they disolved their partnership or business of Sythe & Hoe making & we that is my said Husband & myself & our family moved to Swanzy & lived in the same house we had left on my said fathers farm until 1805 when we moved to Vermont & lived with my said Brother William in said New Haven {who had moved into said New Haven} until AD1808 when we moved into the said town of Starksborough Vermont where we lived until my said Husbands decease which was January 17 AD 1839 aged 79 years & seven months. David Phillips my oldest son & child now of said Starksborough was born in said Swanzy November 11, AD 1798 & he is now living in said Starksborough. I have had by the said Solomon Phillips = Nine Children to wit David Phillips = Suke Phillips = Solomon Phillips = Willson Phillips = William Phillips = Myron Phillips = Sophia Phillips = Joseph Phillips & Cynthia Phillips who are all so far as I know now living."

Solomon's pension file also contains statements from a Caleb Phillips and John Phillips of Danby, Rutland County, Vermont as to his [Solomons] Revolutionary War service. Were they perhaps his brothers or cousins or could one of them have been his father?

Caleb Phillips was a native of Rhode Island and was married in Gloucester, Providence County, Rhode Island in 1767. He came to Vermont during the Revolution with three of his brothers Stephen, John, and Seth. Solomon was not mentioned.

The 1777 Military Census of Rhode Island lists in Gloucester, Rhode Island, both Solomon Phillips and Caleb Phillips as 16-50A ­ from 16 to 50 years and able to bear arms.

I could not locate a Solomon Phillips listed in the 1790 or 1800 census for Vermont or New Hampshire. He is listed in the 1810 census of Starksboro, Addison County, Vermont with 1 white male 45+(Solomon), 1 white male 10-16 (David), 3 white males 0-10 (Solomon, William, Willson), 1 white female 26-45 (Susannah) and 1 female 0-10 (Susannah). In 1830 he is still in Starksboro with 1 male 70-80, 4 males 20-30, 2 males 15-20, 1 male 10-15, 1 female 50-60 (Susannah), 1 female 20-30 (Suke), 1 female 15-20 (Sophia), 1 female 10-15 Cynthia). In the 1880 census of Hinesburgh, Chittenden County, Vermont, Solomon Phillips, Jr. lists his father's birthplace as Rhode Island. In the same census, Sophia (Phillips) Rublee of Starksboro, Addison County, Vermont also lists her father's birthplace as Rhode Island.

After Solomon's death, his widow was awarded 160 acres of land in Stillwater (now Cambridge) MN, which is dated February 10, 1860. Military Warrant 26.816 Vol 87. Pg 335

Solomon and Susanna had the following children:


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