Graham Family History and Genealogy

Sarah Graham and Her Descendants

Little is known of Sarah Graham. While she appears in many records of Franklin County, her maiden name is not known. Some researchers believe it was Farley because of the listing on page 93 in Marriage Bonds of Franklin County, Virginia 1766-1858 by Marshall Wingfield.

John Ferrow and Sarah Cox, daughter of Sarah Farley, 27 Nov 1787, Surety James Sloan.

However, if you look at the actual record, John and Sarah's record appears next to the record of Archibald Farley and Jane Farley and the note indicating that Sarah is the mother appears to belong with that record.

Research by Barbara Eakley asks the question "Could Sarah's maiden name have actually been COX?" Documentation for the Cox Graham link.

A vague family tradition is that Sarah's Graham husband was named James. Records indicate that Sarah, subsequent to "James" death, married twice, to someone named Cox, and to a John Furrow. A Franklin county record of 1788 has Furrow, perhaps as the result of a sort of pre-nuptial agreement, deeding to Sarah's children the land she had inherited, presumably from Graham. Under Virginia law at that time, a widow's property accrued to her new husband.

In Franklin County, VA - Deed Book 1, p 441: John Furrow to his stepchildren - To all people to whom these presents come. I John Furrow of Franklin County and State of Virginia, do send greeting. Know ye that the said John Furrow, for and in consideration of the love, goodwill and affection which I have and do have toward my wife Sarah's former children, namely, Jesse, Pricilla, Robert, Molly, Sally, Elizabeth, William, Deborah, John and Jonathan Cocks (Cox), of the above-said state, have given and granted and by these presents do freely give and grant unto the said (above named) One Hundred and Twenty-eight acres... it being part of a tract patented to Jacob Graham for 328 acres, and the place whereon James Graham formerly lived, and where the above-named Robert Cocks now lives. (The older children were to have use of the land until the youngest came of age, when it was to be equally divided). Deed dated 4/22/1788. Signed in own handwriting: John Furrow

A patent for 328 acres of land in Bedford County is granted to Robert Graham, lying on both sides of Marley's Creek, a south fork of Maggoty Creek, etc. Land Patents of Virginia Under the Regal Government: Book 39, p 246 - dated 16 Feb 1771.

Jacob Graham and Martha, his wife, of the County of Botetourt, sell to Thomas Arthur, of Bedford County, for 40 pounds, a tract of land in Bedford County containing 328 acres on both sides of Marley's Creek, a south fork of Maggoty Creek, etc. Bedford County, VA Deed Book 7, p 532, recorded 28 Feb 1785

From this time, the land is in controversy and the subject of litigation (in both Bedford and Franklin counties). It is obvious that it is the same identical land patented by Robert Graham in 1771. Much more detail is available on the subject of this land.

After numerous court suits, recorded in court orders of both Bedford and Franklin counties, it appears that Jacob Graham had a good title to 200 acres and Sarah Graham (in right of her children) had title to 128 acres or an original 328 acre tract. This is according to a State archivist who studied these records. 

Sarah had the following children:

  • Jesse Graham married Margaret Rhea
    • For this line of descent, check out Kay Hawks page.
  • Priscilla Graham - no further info
  • Robert Graham married Rachel Delaney
  • Molly Graham married Adam Furrow - no further info.
  • Sally Graham married David Howard - no further info
  • Elizabeth Graham married Thomas Jewel - the main line of descent of this database
  • William Graham married Mary/Polly Elkins - line of descent
  • Deborah Graham married Charles Furrow - line of descent
  • John Graham married Elizabeth - no further info.
  • Jonathan Graham - no further info.

Researchers who are willing to share information on the Graham family include:

  • Rena Worthen email: Her Web Page is devoted to source information such as wills marriage records, obits and some family lines.
  • Kay Hoover -