There are many more resources available than those listed here. Listed below are some of the resources I have found helpful in researching our family lines in the various locations. Two resources I use on a daily basis are the vital records collections at FamilySearch and the census records available through HeritageQuest. While HeritageQuest is a subscription service, it is available FREE through many local libraries.

General Genealogy Resources

  • US GenWeb Project - This is the link to all US State pages.
  • Cyndi's List of Genealogical Sites on the Internet - The ultimate list of Genealogy Links.
  • Guidelines For Publishing Web Pages On The Internet
  • Arachnophilia Home Page - Great Web Page Creator and it's FREE!
  • RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative - Much genealogy information and Links. RootsWeb is also home to several state and family pages. You will find the Roots Surnames Database here. Thanks RootsWeb!
  • GED2HTML: A GEDCOM to HTML Translator
  • LDS Church FamilySearch Site - You can search for surnames and download the Personal Ancestral File (PAF 5.1 for Windows) Software. A User's Manual is also available for download.
  • 1880 Census Search - Courtesy of the LDS Church
  • War of the Rebellion - This is a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies published in 1880 through 1901 under the direction of the Secretary of War. The entire publication was published as a set of 71 volumes containing tens of thousands of pages of information. This is probably the most detailed information about the American Civil War ever published. Now the entire series is available online. The Web site contains only graphic images. The books have not been converted to text. The only index available is the original index published with the collection in 1901. This index is available online, but it, too, is available as a collection of graphic images.
  • The Official Records of the United States and Confederate Navies
  • Mayflower Education Web Site - Mr. Duane A. Cline is the Education Chairperson for the U.S. national Society of Mayflower Descendants. Over the years, Mr. Cline has put together an educational package for use in school systems across the nation. This package helps teachers by providing factual details about the Pilgrims, their voyage, and Plymouth. Now, for the first time, Mr. Cline's original work is available to everyone on the Internet. Nearly all of his illustrations and exercises (for students young and old) are unique. This site details the facts about the Pilgrims in a much better than most history books used in public schools.
  • Civil War Photographs Database - The Special Collections Branch of U.S. Army Military History Institute now has an online catalog of thousands of Civil War photographs. You can search the catalog by any word to find listings. You can search by name or by town, state, regiment or almost anything else you can think of. If a photograph has been catalogued with that word, you will find a listing for it. This collection includes photographs of thousands of soldiers, enlisted men and officers alike. This site appears to work sporadically!
  • Civil War Roster Home Page
  • Silicon Valley PAF User's Group Documentation Guidelines - The group has become widely known for the original guidelines, first published in 1992. When the methodology for storing source documentation changed dramatically with recent software releases, the users group recognized a need to revise the guidelines. The new edition is a highly useful, wire-bound, 104-page book of detailed recommendations, instructions, and examples for entering source documentation. The book provides help for differentiating between source and note entries, includes 16 tables in eight chapters and appendices, and is referenced with an extensive index. INCLUDES UPDATE FOR PAF 5.0.
  • White Oak: Genealogy of the Potowmack - The original hand-written Northern Neck Grant Books fill 37 volumes. These records were abstracted some years ago and published by the Fairfax County government in a single volume called "Beginning at a white Oak. Patents and Northern Neck Grants of Fairfax County, Virginia." The book is now out of print, and there are no plans to republish it. Steve Knoblock has been manually entering each abstract into a spreadsheet on his computer; the index fields from this spreadsheet are now available on Steve's Web site. The database is searchable by name, surname, grant date, grant book and issuer.
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • RootsWeb Global Search for the World Connect Databases - All of the Databases for this site are located here.

Newbie Genealogy Resources

New England Genealogy Resources

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