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  • Cleaning Up Your Online Family Trees - Have you tried searching for your ancestor in the RootsWeb World Connect Database? I did! Take Thomas Jewell - 1631 results. Add wife Elizabeth Graham and we're down to twenty-seven results. Quite a few of them are duplicates. If I try Asa Hall, I come up with 621. Add wife Sarah Adams and we're down to thirty-seven. How many times have you submitted your GEDCOM files to any of the online repositories?
  • Documenting Your Genealogy Research - You have been researching your family genealogy for quite some time. You have collected names, dates, and places and entered them into your genealogy program. Maybe you have made copies of the various documents or scribbled notes on pieces of paper. But, do you know where you got your great-grandfather's birth or death date or great aunt Sadie's marriage date? Do you have copies of birth certificates, death records or cemetery records.
  • When the Civil War Really Ended by David L. Geary. For many Americans the war really ended nearly fifty years after the last shot was fired with a poignant event which moved a nation. More than 54,000 Civil War veterans from both North and South, approaching the end of life, gathered on Pennsylvania's Gettysburg battlefield for one last time together.