Family Genealogy - Geary, Jewel, Tucker and Little Family Genealogy

In Memory of my Son
Frank Thomas Martin, III
December 16, 1961 - December 28, 2011

Genealogy is the study of families and the tracing of their lineages and history.  As a hobby it can become pleasantly addictive, at least to the person concerned. The study of family history and family genealogy used to be synonymous. Now family history applies to biographical research into one's ancestors  - putting flesh on the bones, so to speak. The aim is to produce a well-documented narrative history for family members and other interested researchers.

This site covers the family genealogies of my parents and my husband's parents - four surnames Geary or Gary, Jewel, Tucker, and Little, with many collateral branches.

Jim's mother worked as a professional genealogist in her later years. She lived to be just over one hundred years of age. Her notes gave us a good start on his side of the family. My cousin, Virginia, had done research on one line of my family and my Uncle Winston became interested in his family genealogy and after his death, I had his notes. With the advent of the personal computer, a new hobby - quickly to become an addiction - was born.

We started in 1987 when we bought our first computer. We've spent countless hours in courthouses, libraries and cemeteries searching out elusive family members. After working many years on our family genealogy, we thought we'd like to share what we've found with family members and other genealogists. We hope you enjoy our genealogy site.

Fast forward to 2011 and the addiction to our family history still exists BUT rather than travelling to distant places, we now do our research via the Internet. Viewing census records online sure beats the dark rooms at he National Archives and straining to read what the microfilm says.  

Jewell Family Genealogy

  • Jewell Family Web Site
    This is Jim's maternal line. At least three of the four ancestral lines - the Jewels, Halls and Vanovers all lived in a narrow but picturesque little valley bordered by steep mountains in Montgomery County in southwest Virginia. Additional surnames include Graham, Aikens, Davis. Collateral lines for Lavinder, Fausel, Leyonmark are also included. Many other surnames are listed.
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Geary or Gary Family Genealogy

  • Geary or Gary Family Web Site
    This is Jim's paternal line with the main focus being the many descendants of Peter Gary, the Revolutionary War soldier who settled in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Many of the family later settled in West Virginia then on to Ohio. Surnames include:  Gary or Geary, Shields, Moose, Clark. Many other surnames are listed.
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Little Family Genealogy

Tucker Family Genealogy

  • Tucker Family Web Site
    This is Pat's maternal line and includes the surnames of Ayres, Bates, Burt, Cook, Curtis, Dutton, Hathaway, Hicks, Grimes, McLaughlin, Moor, Phillips, Sharpe, Sherman, Tucker, Wood and Wilson. Many other surnames are included. The families was originally from New England.
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Misc Families

  • Burley Family
    William Tillman Burley is believed to be of Native American heritage.
  • Martin Family
    Stokely T. Martin was born about 1803 in Virginia. On 17 January 1839, Stokely married Mahala Hollinsworth in Patrick County Virginia. By the time of the 1860 census, the family was located in Henry County, Virginia.