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Bible of Mary Winston Jewel Shields - part 2

Bible of Mary Winston Jewel Shields This Bible was in the possession of Mary Shields at the time of her death. It was a gift to her from her "Aunt Lucy" (Lucinda Nunley). Except for the original inscription at the front indicating that Lucinda Nunley presented the book to Winnie Jewel on 30 August 1932, the handwriting is that of Winnie Jewel Shields. The information was most probably compiled from that listed in the Bible records that follow. This is a very small Bible —— only 3¾" by 5¾" and about 2¼" deep.

Click on thumbnails for larger image of page. Parts of this section of the Bible have not been included as the people are still living.

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Grandma Winston's father & mother
Jeremiah Early Born: 1788
Nancy Cecil Early " 1795
Jeremiah Early 1829
Virginia " 1835
William " 1832
Rhoda " 1837 or '36
(my grandmother - Winnie J. Shields

Thomas Cecil and his wife, Nancy Grayson Cecil were the parents of my great-grandmother, Nancy Cecil Early. Her grandfather, Samuel Cecil, was the first to come to Va. from Md. His father was John Cecil of Prince Geo. Co., Md.

Grandma Jewel's father = Asa Hall
b. June 1757
d. Mar. 6, 1841 " "
"          "  mother: Mary Vanover,
daughter of Henry Vanover

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Oct 1872 Wm. Hank Jewel - Sarah Jane Davis Jewel Family Bibles - Mary Winston Jewel Shields Family Bible - Page 6.
Viva - Louin  - Iva  - Riner - Leslie
Viva - Born June 28, 1875
Married H.D. Walters July 1906
Died: Sept. 20, 1945

Louin born: Nov. 24, 1877
Married Retta Gibboney April 1904
Died Sept. 5, 1915
(Retta died May 7, 1915)

Iva Born May 9, 1880 (Note: this is the mother of the present owner of this Bible)
Married James Madison Geary born Mar. 28, 1887
Dec 4, 1912
Died: James died Mar. 18, 1965
Two children James Jewel Geary B. May 14, 1914
Iva Geary (Tissie) Born Aug. 4, 1916 Died Sept. 15, 1918


James Jewel Geary Born May 14, 1914
Married Celia Lavinder Sept. 6, 1941
Born Apr. 25, 1914
Daughter of Jim & Celia
Anne Shields B. (deleted)
Ellen B. (deleted)
Martha B. (deleted)
Kathryn Catherine Letitia B. (deleted)
Married Karen Leyonmark (deleted)

Riner Born March 20, 1882
Married Gertrude Hurst 12- -'07
Died July 6, 1952
Children of Riner & Gertrude

William Jewel Married Vivian Stone
Ellen Married Clark Woolley
Elizabeth " Jack Beckert
Margaret " George Leyonmark

Born to Jim & Karen: Leslie Jewel Geary (deleted)

Leslie Born Feb. 22, 1885
Died Jan. 13, 1940

William Hank Jewel Jan. 25, 1893
Married Cora Lee Winston
Mary Winston Jewel Born Jan. 24, 1894
Married Richard LeRoy Shields
Mar. 28, 1945
Roy born: Oct. 25, 1887
Died Nov. 18, 1968

Joseph Wm Jewel B. Dec. 7, 1896
Married Florence Albert
Oct. 17, 1924 1922
One son: Joseph Wm. Jewel
Born March 30, 1924
Florence Died Feb. 2, 1935
Joe married Nancy Bond Watts
Nov. 18, 1937

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Ruth Michelow Jewel
Born Sept., 3, 1901
Married Hans Nielson Boetcher
July 12, 1930
Two daughters:
Jane Winston Boetcher (deleted)
Ruth Ellen Boetcher (deleted)
Married Erhard Joeres (deleted)
(Hans died Apr. 19, 1946)
Ruth died Feb. 26, 1966
Jane Winston Boetcher
John, married {NOTE: Bible says John but it is Jane who married Bill Newitt}
William Newitt (deleted)
Katherine Winston Newitt Born: (deleted)
David Caryl Newitt Born (deleted)
Andrew Nielson Newitt Born (deleted)


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Riner Jewel and Gertrude's children:
Ellen Jewel Woolley Oct. 18, 1908
Elizabeth " Beckert Nov. 24, 1909
William R. Jewel Feb. 9, 1911
Margaret Jewel Leyonmark Mar. 28, 1914
Lindsay Louin Jewel Oct. 4, 1916

Elizabeth & Jack Beckert's children:
Linda Elizabeth (deleted)
Barbara Jean (deleted)
Charles Robert Beckert (deleted)

Ellen & Clark Woolley's children
Margaret Elizabeth Woolley (deleted)
Laura Ellen (deleted)

William's children
William Leslie Jewel (deleted)
Christie Jewel (deleted)
Winde (deleted)

Margaret (Peggy) & George's children:
Karen Leyonmark (deleted)
Peter (deleted)
Roger (deleted)
Gail (deleted)

Louin's daughter Lindsay Jewel (deleted)


Joe Jr. & Beverly McDaniel
Married (deleted)
Bev. born (deleted)
William Patrick Jewel (deleted)
Joseph Michael (deleted)
Florence Kathleen (deleted)
Timothy Brian (deleted)
David Shawn (deleted)
John Kevin (deleted)

Jim & Celia were divorced.
Jim & Karen Leyonmark were married (deleted).
Their first born a little girl:
Leslie Jewel Geary (deleted)
Joseph Michael married Judy Ann Smith (deleted) Divorced
Beverly Sue Jewel (deleted)
Joseph Michael Jewel married Maurene Ann Dragovich (deleted) [middle and last name and date actually shown on next page]

Edward Reed King
Born June 10, 1883
Married Henrietta Bramner
Nannie Ellen King - Died at birth 1904
Mildred Lee King Blankenship
Born June 4, 1905
Child: Julian Blankenship
Born (deleted)

Merlin Edward King
Born June 29, 1904
Married Blanche Ruder
Died ?
Leanne Florence King (deleted)
David Reed King (deleted)

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