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Bible of Cora Winston Jewel

This Bible was in the possession of Mary Winston Jewel Shields whose distinctive handwriting is represented by the last three entries on the page of marriages and births. Who made the original entries is unknown although they are the ancestors of Cora Winston Jewel. The original Bible was destroyed along with the title pages but the original pages with family information recorded are in the possession of James Jewel Geary, who was the nephew of Mary Shields and the executor of her estate.

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Cora Winston Jewel Bible 
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Joseph Heckman Winston was born January 9th 1827 Jewel Family Bibles - Cora Winston Jewel Bible Page 1.
Rhoda Barbara Cecil Early was born September 17th 1836
Nancy Saloma Winston was born July 17th 1855
Cora Winston was born May 16th 1854
[NOTE: Mary Winston Jewel Shields was Cora Winston's daughter and had this Bible in her possession at the time of her death.]
John Ferdinand Winston was born October 18th 1858
Edward James Winston was born July 4th 1860
Mollie Kate Winston was born February 27th 1862
Roma Jeremiah Winston was born July 4th 1863
Joseph William Winston was born July 4th 1865


Page 2 Cora Winston Jewel Bible.Rhoda Early Winston Was born January 11th 1868
[The entries below are in the handwriting of Mary Winston Jewel Shields, the first person listed below.]
Mary Winston Jewel January 24, 1894
Joseph William Jewel December 7, 1896
Ruth Michelow Jewel September 3, 1901



Jewel Family Bibles - Cora Winston Jewel Bible - Page 3.Joseph W. Winston and Rhoda B. C. Early was married August 29th 1854
Alice Winston & Mr E. L. Jake were married Oct 22nd 1923
[NOTE: the entries below are in the handwriting of Mary Winston Jewel Shields]
Edward James Winston and Lunda Irene Hall May 24, 1882
Cora Winston & William Hank Jewel January 25, 1893
Nancy Saloma Winston and Frank Richardson


Jewel Family Bibles - Cora Winston Jewel Bible - Page 4.
John Ferdinand Winston Departed this life January 21st 1862 br /> Mollie Kate Winston Departed this life August 18th 1862
Rhoda Barbary Cecil Winston Departed this life January 11th 1868
Rhoda Early Winston Departed this life April 22nd 1868
Roma Jeremiah Winston Departed this life March 30th 1889
Joseph Heckman Winston Departed this life Dec 26, 1902.
Aged 75 years 11 months & 17 days.
Ella M. Winston departed this Life Aug 14th 1923 at 10pm

Edward James Winston Departed this life Feb 24, 1900
Nancy Saloma Winston Richardson died Feb 17th 1918 {NOTE: This entry is in a different handwriting.}
Joseph William Winston Departed this life
Cora Winston Jewel Departed this life June 18, 1931 - Age 74 yr. 1 mo. 2 da