Boone Family History and Genealogy

The Parish Church of Saint Disen

Bradninch, England

By Chuck and Laura Farmer
Tallahassee, FL.

On August 25th 2003, during our vacation in Scotland and England, my wife and I visited the Parish Church of Saint Disen in Bradninch, Devon. We stopped there as a distant relative, Squire Boone, was christened in that church on Christmas Day, 1696.

As we approached the churchyard gate, we were greeted by a sign to the right of the gate (photo 1 and  photo 2), announcing the linkage. The church was a typical small parish church (photo 3), well maintained. A bulletin board, on the south face of the church (photo 4) gave information on the church. Reportedly, a church has stood on this site since the 7th century. The existing church predates the 15th century, according to information on the church’s website.

A statue of Saint Disen (photo 5 and photo 6) with a brief tale of the saint (photo 7), are contained in the church.

Beneath one of the stained glass windows are flags of Great Britain and the United States, on either side of a plaque remarking on the linkage of the parish to the Boone family (photo 10). Try as we might, our photography talents were not sufficiently developed to bring out the flags and plaque with the glare of the stained glass window.

Other views include the church altar, some details of the church ceiling, with crucifix and internal decoration (photo 12), pulpit (photo 13) and main door (photo 14).

As Laura and I were about to leave the churchyard, a cat  greeted us, almost identical to our pet, Cole, who we KNEW was boarding with our son in Tallahassee, FL. We had been told a few days prior that Cole was safe and in reasonably good spirits, therefore we were certain he had not stowed away in our luggage.

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