Jones Family Genealogy

Will of Daniel Jones

Dated 29 May 1870
Admitted for Probate 28 Feb 1876
pgs 116-118

I Daniel Jones of Lincoln County State of Tennessee make and publish my last will and testament as follows: to wit:

First. It is my will and desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid by my executor out of the first moneys which shall first come into his hands.

Second. I give and bequeath to my daughter Dorcas Cummins and her heirs forever the divided one fifth part of a certain lot known in the plan of the town of Fayetteville as lot (74) Seventy-four, the same I purchased of George W. Jones, and adjoining the lot on which my said daughter resides.

Third. I give and bequeath to my two grandchildren, Daniel J. Weigart and his Sister, Georgiana Meyers, wife of John Meyers and children of John Weigart and his first wife Milberry Ann Weigart who was my daughter one hundred acres of Land off of the East end of the tract of land on which I now live, to be run off by a North and south line across said tract of land I now live on to them and their heirs forever. I also give and bequeath to said Georgiana Meyers our two year old bay filly to her sole and separate use.

Fourth. I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary B. Weigart, wife of John Weigart, to her sole and separate use and control during her life, and at her death to her youngest son Columbus Weigart and her heirs forever one hundred acres of land off of the tract of land on which I now reside by a North and South line and across said tract of land and west of the one hundred acres bequeathed to Daniel J. Weigart and Georgiana Meyers, and including the houses and out buildings where I now live. I also give and bequeath to Mary B. Weigart, ten head of Stock Sheep, all of my Stock hogs, one sorrel mare, one yoke of oxen and one wagon, all my household and kitchen furniture, all my farming ....... and gear, and all land rents due to ..... to be due me at my death. Also all the provisions on hand at my death.

Fifth. I give and bequeath to my grandson Columbus Weigart one sucking colt now by the side of the sorrel mare, bequeathed to his mother Mary B. Weigart. I give and bequeath to each of my grand daughters, Mary F. Weigart, ........ B. Weigart, Berthenia A. Weigart and Tobella P. Weigart, one cow and the calves said cow may have at the time of my death. I give and bequeath to my son McMinn Jones my bay mare now about six years old and should said mare have a colt at my death, the colt I give to Mary B. Weigart.

Sixth. I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah J. Little, wife of Samuel Little, to her sole and separate use, control and management during her life and at her death to her two sons Weigart Little and William Little, to them and to their heirs forever, one hundred and sixty one acres of land being the tracts which I purchased of Woodruff Parks and the tract of land on which said Sarah J. Little and her husband Samuel Little now reside.

Seventh. I give and bequeath to my grand daughter, the daughter of my son McMinn Jones out of the residue of lands fifty four acres of land to her and her heirs forever. I bequeath and give to my grandson, being the youngest son now living of my son Seaborn Jones all the rest, balance and residue of land Say one hundred acres more or less to him and to his heirs forever.

Eighth. I direct that all the residue of my estate, money, debts due me and property left at my death go into the hands of my executor and be collected or sold by him and, the residue if any remaining in his hands after paying all just demands against me or against my estate he will divide and pay ..... in equal parts to the four daughters of Mary B. Weigart, May F Aeninea? B, Berthenia A. and Tobella P. Weigart.

Ninth. I constitute and appoint Coleman A. McDaniel Executor of this my last will and testament.

In Witness whereof I have here into Subscribed my name and affixed my seal this 29th day of May AD. 1870.

Daniel Jones X his mark

Signed, Sealed and published and declared to be his last will and testament by Daniel Jones, in our presence the date above written. May 29th A. D. 1870.

G.W. Jones
H. W. T. Shipp
State of Tennessee Lincoln County

I Paul D. Boyce Clerk of the County Court of said county, certify that the foregoing Will of Daniel Jones decd was this day duly probated in open court by the oaths of G. W. Jones and H. W. T. Shipp the subscribing witnesses thereto, who being duly sworn depose and say that they were personally acquainted with the Testator the said Daniel Jones, and that he made his mark to said Will, and acknowledged the same in their presence, to be his last Will and Testament for the purposes therein contained, and that at the time of doing the same he the said Daniel Jones decd was of sound mind and disposing memory, and that they signed the same as the subscribing witnesses thereto, at the request and in the presence of the testator, the said Daniel Jones decd and that the said Daniel Jones is now dead - and that the same was admitted to record as the last Will and Testament of the said Daniel Jones deceased.

Witness P. D. Boyce clerk of said court at office this 28th day of February 1876.

PD Boyce Clerk