Flernoy Columbus Jewell Home

Photograph of Flernoy Jewell Home.
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The information on this home came from one of the reports done as part of the Works Progress Administration Historical Inventory. The report indicates Flournoy Jewel has owned this house for years, until just recently when it was sold to several people. He is a descendant of Jesse Hall, Sr. (the first Hall in the county.)

The house is located nine miles south of Shawsville on Route #637, then one mile on Route #607. This old home is located in the Allegheny foot-hills. It has  a beautiful background, with wide, level expanse front and sides. It facer Bottom Creek.

The house is in very bad condition but notwithstanding the condition, it could be made into a very pretty place. The house seems to have had an addition soon after it was built. There were two rooms on the west which look to be the oldest, then wide hall, both lower and upper which are almost as large as the rooms, then two more rooms on the east. These have a wide board ceiling, which has worn smooth giving them a polish without paint or varnish.

The battan doors with iron and wooden latches are very unique. The stairways, in the west and east rooms,  are both of the closed-in type. The steps are very steep and narrow. The floors are of the wide boards.

There is one stone and one brick chimney. The stone chimney is on the west. There is one elaborate mantel, the others plain.

Research made by Mrs. Pearl C. Vest, Lafayette Virginia
Dated March 12, 1938
Sources: Mrs. Louemma Showalter of Shawsville

Thanks to John Barnett for sending me the information on this old home.

NOTE: According to my research, Flernoy Columbus Jewell was actually descended from both Asa and Jesse Hall who were brothers.