Yellowstone National Park - June 2008

Old Faithful Geyser Basin - June 7

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Slow start the next morning. Headed for the Snow Lodge for breakfast. Car rental companies should provide a window scraper for travel during the winter months -- winter in June? Stopped at the General store for lunch supplies. We had wisely packed a small cooler (soft-sided) in our luggage) for just this purpose. It saved money and time as there might not always be a place to eat at our chosen lunch stop. We also stopped at the Old Faithful Inn just to look around. There was  a major renovation going on of the "old House" as it is called, where we had stayed on our first visit.  

Picture of the Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone.
View of the Old Faithful Inn

We heard at the Snow Lodge that people had camped out the in waiting areas, as so many of the roads were closed, and people had not planned to stay in the park overnight. There were no vacancies. We had another great buffet for breakfast, then back to our cabin to get our "stuff" for roaming. We had decided to head up to Madison Junction which was only a distance of 16 miles. It was snowing lightly so we figured it would be OK. WRONG!! Blinding snow showers alternated with partial clearing.

Picture of the Old Faithful Geyser Basin area and Firehole River.
The Firehole River and the Geyser Basin

First stop was the Biscuit Basin, where we crossed the river and took the boardwalk around to the various sites. Back on the road we met a roaming herd of bison who think the road was made for them. They are bigger than we are so we gave them the right of way. And it was snowing again.

Picture of walking the boardwalk in the snow.
Sightseeing in the snow.

Picture of start of the Biscuit Basin walk.
Crossing the Firehole and entering Biscuit Basin

Along the Biscuit Basin Trail.

Along the Biscuit Basin Trail.

Jewel Geyser.
Jewel Geyser

Picture of bison at Yellowstone.

Picture of bison in the snow.
Bison of Yellowstone

We headed for the Fountain Paint Pots Trail which is one of our favorites. It was snowing and the wind was blowing it in our faces. We had on heavy winter coats, hats, and gloves so were at least dressed for winter. Many of those on the trail were not. The beginning of the boardwalk was snow covered and slushy/slippery. We thought, “Are we crazy?? “ We were not as consumed with taking pictures, we just wanted to get back to the car. Jim was having a hard time trying to keep from falling in the slush on the boardwalk. But we made the fairly long circuit.  

View along the Fountain Paint Pots Trail.
Fountain Paint Pots Trail

Picture of flowers in the snow.
They are wondering what happened to Spring

Along the Fountain Paint Pots Trail.

The snow was coming harder. We realized it was not wise to continue; so we turned around, but ended up taking the three-mile one way Firestone Loop Drive. We chose to view the sights from our car. We stopped along the way to eat our lunch in the car -- not quite the weather for a picnic. Car windows steamed up, but it is kinda nice looking out at the snow and the steam from the geysers. We then sensibly headed back to our cabin and a nap. Then we adjourned to the Lodge Great Room for coffee and reading by the fire. Dinner at the Snow Lodge was salmon for both of us. Delicious!

View from our room of the snow falling.
Snowy view from our cabin

Picture of view from front of the Snow Lodge before dinner.
View from the Snow Lodge front entrance


Yellowstone Lower Loop