More Tucker Family Photos

The majority of the photos in this group have not been identified. If you can identify any of them, please le Pat know. ANy that had names and/or dates, I have added to the actual scanned photo. Photos are numbered in consecutive order.

  1. Marjorie Phyllis Tucker (my Mom) Top row - far left -that's Uncle Ted in front of your mother. Uncle Eugene is 4th from the left in the front I believe and possibly Uncle Earle is on the left end in then front.
  2. not identified
  3. not identified - picture printed on tin
  4. not identified
  5. not identified - picture printed on tin
  6. not identified
  7. not identified
  8. not identified
  9. not identified
  10. not identified
  11. Arthur Elmo Sherman and wife Jennie Sanderson and son Tecemseh Wallace Arthur Sherman
  12. not identified
  13. postcard date Oct 10 1911 - signed with initials E. E. F.
  14. back of above card
  15. not identified
  16. not identified
  17. identified only as Grandma Sherman - believe this is Melissa Phillips Sherman (see #111 looks like same woman)
  18. Tecemseh Wallace Arthur Sherman
  19. Sept 28 1916 age 21 months Hortense Angeline Sherman
  20. age 19 months Tecemseh Wallace Arthur Sherman
  21. postcard dated Aug 2 1913 - Arthur Elmo Sherman
  22. back of above card - indicates Jennie and boy in St. Johnsbury VT visiting
  23. M. A. Sherman and A. E. Sherman believe this is Melissa Ann Sherman and her son Arthur Elmo Sherman
  24. Burton Allen Kierstead - 43 yrs - 2nd husband of Addie Ellen Sherman (my stepfather - probably written by Ruby Hazel McLaughlin)
  25. same as above
  26. not identified
  27. not identified
  28. not identified
  29. Mrs. A. E. Tucker Gaysville VT - Grandma Tucker Grandpa Tucker is in the dark shirt in the back. Uncle Arthur (little boy) and Aunt Marge (little girl) are sitting next to Grammy. She's got Uncle Ted on her lap. I don't know who the other couple are.
  30. not identified
  31. not identified
  32. not identified
  33. Aug 1928 - sisters old home in Lebanon NH - Aunt Inas's ??
  34. July 16 1932 - Aunt Jen and Uncle (Arthur Elmo SHerman and wife Jennie)
  35. Addie Ellen Sherman on the left - others not identified
  36. Addie Ellen Sherman
  37. not identified
  38. not identified
  39. not identified
  40. not identified
  41. not identified
  42. not identified
  43. not identified
  44. not identified
  45. not identified
  • Marjorie Phyllis Tucker Top Row Far Left
  • Arthur Sherman, wife Jennie and son Tecumseh