Ina May Sherman Family

All of the photos in this album are of the Ina May Sherman family. Ina May was the sister of our grandmother, Ruby Hazel McLaughlin Tucker. In May was born Sept 5 1889 the daughter of Addie Ellen Sherman. Ina's father is not named on her birth certificate. Addie Ellen Sherman and Fred McLaughlin were married a little over a year after Ina's birth. When Ina married William John Laushance in 1908, she was using the surname of McLaughlin. Her fathers name given as Fred McLaughlin, mother Addie Ellen Sherman.

When Fred McLaughlin's mother died in 1892, she left her estate to her two sons for their lifetime and then to her grandchildren EXCLUDING Ina.

From Heidi about Elsie who is one of Ina's daughters: I'll also try and put down what I've been able to gather about Elsie and the men in her life!! Probably worse than the worst soap opera imaginable!! It appers she was married to Angelo Pizzello and had 2 children with him - WIlliam and Angelina. She was also married to John Nardino - sometimes she appears to call herself Jean Nardino. Did she change her name for a time?? Then there is a picture of her taken with Billie Wiggins but I don't know if they were ever married or not. And there is a picture of her with Roy/Ray and a child she calls "ours" on the back. There is a picture of her and Joe taken in 1932. I believe that's Joe Nalibow from here in Woodstock and I seriously doubt there was anything between them. I don't know anything about Kenny Farr either. There are also  pictures of Billy and Tiny Nardino but I don't know if they were her children or not. The only ones she really claimed were the two Pizzellos and the one with Roy/Ray.

I've tried to do some research on Ina and her kids and husbands but not had a lot of success.